Bill Burr Hilariously Explains The Real Reason We Should All Hate Justin Bieber

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01.31.14 30 Comments

The great Bill Burr was on Conan last night, and he lived up to his status as one of the best comics working today by adding some real perspective to all this Justin Bieber madness.

Burr defended some of Bieber’s worst actions, explaining that we’re all getting worked up over the wrong stuff. The drugs and drinking and street racing are all to be expected from a kid who was given so much at such a young age. What we should really be upset about is the way Bieber handles himself on the basketball court. Burr proceeds to break down one of the most unintentionally funny videos to hit the internet in recent weeks, one of Bieber playing basketball.

I’ve embedded the clip Burr is referring to below. It really is terrible. The silly attire and comically ineffective crossovers are bad enough, but the mean mugging at the end is the douche-flavored cherry on top.

Team Coco & Instagram; Image via Team Coco

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