Blink-182 Pwned One Direction A Decade Early

09.12.12 5 years ago

Several months back Kurp put together a know-nothing guide to One Direction so you guys would have some semblance of an idea as to what your nieces were blabbering about.

Thanks to dark forces and the blood of virgins the boy band has only grown exponentially more popular ever since. That’s why the discovery that Blink-182 parodied the act a decade before it existed in their still-pretty-brilliant “All the Small Things” video is satisfying on so many levels: 1) It’s nice to look back and not completely loathe myself for how much I liked Blink-182 at the turn of the century, 2) The boy band recipe really is timeless, 3) Making out with supermodels in the sand is far more uncomfortable than these videos portray, 4) PWNAGE.

Compare the two video screengrabs below.

My only other question is WHO EXACTLY made this discovery. Because they should never own up to it.

Via Buzzfeed

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