Oh, Just Britney Spears Brandishing Halloween Props And Reciting The 'Thriller' Intro With A Bad Accent

By: 10.28.13

Like most things Britney Spears these days, this “It’s Britney Witch!” goof (?) video with BBC Radio One’s Nick Grimshaw is equal parts surreal, sloppy, and delightful, with just a sprinkle of sad. I have no clue where the idea came from — outside of the obvious wordplay — or how it exactly got far enough to where this got made, but man am I glad she signed on for the props and green screen because they really bring the whole thing home.

I suggest clicking play as the audio is quite worth it as well, but if you’re only sold on the props action, here you go…

britney-witch-6 britney-witch-5

britney-witch-4 britney-witch-3

britney-witch-2 britney-wtich-1

BBC Radio One via Vulture

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