Watch Britney Spears’ Sons Scare The Bejesus Out Of Her

By: 09.22.16

The internet is full of videos of folks scaring the living hell out of other folks. If you want to see people convinced that dinosaurs have come back and are roaming the hallways, there’s a clip for that. If you want to see people cry because they’re convinced zombies are attacking their train, there’s a clip for that. Maybe the scare arms race has left us jaded, maybe it’s because one of the Bushmen passed away, but we’ve lost sight of the joy of simply hiding behind a corner and shouting at people. Thank God that Britney Spears‘ sons are here to show us the way back.

Sean and Jayden Federline got a hold of their mom’s phone and used it to film themselves scaring their mom so bad that she hit the deck. That little “hehe” at the end is a lesson to all of us. And good thing that Spears herself had a sense of humor about the whole thing, posting the clip to Twitter with the caption “My damn kids.”

When she’s not busy being terrified by her kids, Spears has been mounting a bit of a comeback attempt. She dropped a new album back in August and returned to the VMAs stage for the first time in a decade that same month.

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