Can We Talk About This Gucci Mane/Waka Flocka Flame Song For A Minute?

08.19.11 3 Comments

About the song in the video above Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame released today, my buddy James — MY BLACK FRIEND — and I had the following IM exchange earlier today…

Me: So, you and I have known each other for roughly ten years and I think by now you know that I rarely feel uncomfortable with anything regarding race.

Me: But I love this new Waca/Gucci Mane song

Me: And they’re just dropping the N-word all over the place

Me: And I feel kind of like an asshole when I’m walking down the street mouthing the lyrics to it

Me: It’s weird cuz I’ve never felt that way before.

Me: So what’s your feeling, as a fine, successful, upstanding member of the black community with deep roots in the South, on this?

So let’s just get right to the heart of this after the jump, shall we, because I know I’m not the only white person who feels this way

James: Whether it’s ok for white guys to drop N bombs when they are singing the lyrics of a hiphop song?

Me: YES!

Me: Like, I was walking down the street recently mouthing the words to Kanye’s “Mama’s Boyfriend” not even thinking about it and this old black man I passed gave me a look.

Me: And I was thinking, “What’s your problem old man?” and then I realized, “OH SH*T…he caught me dropping an n-bomb.”

James: No issue to me, but I wouldn’t do it on a bus by myself – safest venues – house parties/clubs where everyone is singing the same sh*t. At the gym by yourself.

Me: In a room with blacks that know you well.

Me: Ironically, the stigma associated with saying nigga/nigger/niggrah is likely what makes these songs so popular

Me: Yeah, I could totally see that.

James: Trust me if this was 1960, this music couldn’t sell to white folks. It would be like selling a song today that repeats douchebag every other lyric.

Me: Like, I’ve got “Mama’s Boyfriend” down cold and I’d love to do it at this karaoke joint I go to, but there are always lots of black folks there who might be offended, so I can’t.

Me: Bummer

Me: :)

James: It’s one monopoly black folks like to hold on to – it’s like the big dick/little dick myth

James: Black folks don’t mind being told you have a big black dick just because you’re black.

James: But would get pissed if you assumed they can jump high as f*ck just because they’re black.

Me: Hahaha

James: Both are arguably compliments but both tend to be stereotypes, but why is the big dick part ok and not the jumping high?

James: My people have a lot of issues (as well as your people) but frank talk should help alleviate it.

Yes, frank talk, which is why I posted this here. Now enjoy this highly enjoyable Waka gif one more time…

(HT: Pitchfork)

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