Chance The Rapper And Donnie Trumpet Share Some Unreleased ‘Surf’ Demos

05.29.16 2 years ago

The ultra-uplifting posi-hip-hop of Chance the Rapper and the entire SaveMoney collective always leaves listeners hungry for more. The projects released so far are good vibes cocoons that are hard to leave once you’re inside. Well, here’s some great news for fans fiending for a little freshness in their friendship-rap fix: Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment have released an ten-minute collection of demos and unused material from the sessions that birthed Surf.

Dubbed “The First Time,” the collection was released in honor of the album’s one-year anniversary and features quite a bit of new material from the group’s most famous member, Chance the Rapper.

“This is a collection of unused Surf pieces, an ode to the era,” Donnie wrote in the SoundCloud description. “Thank you to everyone who’s still listening and growing with the music.”

It sounds wonderful and its interesting to see the progression of ideas as Chance the Rapper has moved more and more into his lane as the king of smiling rap music. It’s pretty easy to draw a line from the first track on the mix and a song like “Blessings” off of Chance’s new album Coloring Book. And, not for nothing, “Draw your rifles like stick figures, quickly” is an excellent line delivered perfectly.

For more behind-the-SaveMoney-scenes stories, check out Chance’s recent interview with the BBC’s Zane Lowe. And for more on Surf in particular, don’t miss our inside look at how the album came to be.

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