Chingy Endorsed Donald Trump For President (And Then Walked It Back)

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01.23.16 6 Comments

For a brief but wonderful moment, it appeared that Chingy had endorsed Donald Trump for POTUS on Twitter.

This lead to some serious questions for any fan of early ’00s pop-rap. Was the “that” that Chingy preferred you do right thurr outright questionable? Would Houston have allowed him a spot on “I Like That” if he knew Chingy was rapping about his love of conservative tax plans? Woody Guthrie hangs his head in shame.

Luckily, we didn’t have to scratch our heads for too long. Chingy walked back his support in a YouTube apology.

In the video, Chingy said that he read an article on Trump’s plans for America (that didn’t include his views on minorities) and tweeted support before learning more about the candidate.

In the description of the video, Chingy further explained his sudden change of heart:

“I honestly had no idea of Trump’s views when it came to minorities, and his radical stand points on combating terrorism. I am especially appreciative of all my fans from around the world that took the time to hit me up and provide the information and insight i needed to become educated on the views of Mr. Trump.

I feel that as a public figure and celebrity, it is really easy to forget that when we speak many people listen. This, along with many other instances, has made me more accepting in the reality that my opinions (as small or insignificant as they may be to me) will be heard and felt around the world and that my public position should be used as a means to combat such negative ideals. Once again, I would like to truly apologies to anyone that I may have offended. I was wrong on this one and I’m man enough to say that.”

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