Colbert Had Hipster Paramedics Standing By ‘In The Event Any Radiohead Heads Totally Lose Their Sh*t’

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Last night Colbert had Radiohead on for an hour long special as part of “Dr Pepper Presents Stephen Colbert’s Rocktember with Radiohead!” in which he conducted two separate in-character interviews with the band (“Who’s saving the world better, you guys or Bono?”), accompanied by Radiohead playing five (or maybe even six) different songs. Colbert’s fandom managed to sneak through his satirical facade on a couple of occasions, which is quite the testament to how much he actually appreciates the band.

The whole thing was pretty great, and I’ve included a few choice clips after the jump, but first the show-stealing hipster paramedic skit from the open. I loved it a little too much. The premise, the quotation marks on his paramedic t-shirt, Colbert trying to reason with his hipsteriness, that I initially thought it was Thom Yorke in costume. Brilliant. Starts around the 3:40 mark…

“Radiohead discuss their British invasion, their anti-corporate beliefs, and the benefits of their self-distribution model.”

“Little by Little”

“Thom Yorke and Ed O’Brien discuss America’s waning interest in global warming and how their kids motivate them to care about the environment.”

Sign Off with “The National Anthem”

Source: Colbert Nation

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