On The Ever-Shifting Politics Of Dave Mustaine

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About a month ago, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine sent Bill O’Reilly a tweet encouraging him to listen to the band’s latest album, Dystopia, which had just dropped at the end of January. In said tweet, he included a photo of several of O’Reilly’s books, saying that since he had absorbed O’Reilly’s work, perhaps he should reciprocate:

Okay, a few things here. First off, that’s not all of O’Reilly’s books; I don’t see Those Who Trespass or Culture Warrior anywhere, not to mention the immortal O’Reilly Factor For Kids. Secondly, begging Bill O’Reilly to listen to your album has to be the least metal thing of all-time. Congratulations, Vince Neil doing the chicken dance, you’re off the hook.

Of course, Mustaine’s love for O’Reilly shouldn’t be too shocking; he’s been a well-known far-right conservative for quite some time. In 2012, he endorsed Rick Santorum for President, he’s stated his opposition to same-sex marriage, and in one truly cringe-inducing rant, seemed to suggest that the mass shooting in Aurora, Colo. was a hoax done to artificially increase support for gun control legislation. In short, we’ve been through this before.

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