A Disclosure Music Video Was Removed From The Internet Because It Glamorized Drug Use

10.11.13 4 years ago


In what’s either the best or worst PR move for drugs in recent memory, Disclosure’s music video for “Help Me Lose My Mind” (WHICH DRUGS WILL HELP YOU DO ) was removed from the Internet shortly after it was uploaded. That’s because the dance duo’s label, PMR Records, took it down for its “glamorisation of drugs.”

The video for Disclosure’s new single “Help Me Lose My Mind” was revealed this morning and as with previous Disclosure videos, it was about the connection of people having a good time, something that Disclosure want associated with their music and what we hope people have done when they’ve seen the band live or while listening to their music. Unfortunately the video has received a few comments referencing the use of drugs within the video. PMR feel very strongly against the glamorisation of drugs in any capacity and as such we have made the decision to remove the video.

You can still listen to “Help Me Lose My Mind” below. Feel free to drop some acid in 3, 2, now.

(Via Spin)

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