‘Dogs (Barking At Me)’ By The Gossip Boys Is The Song Of The Summer We All Deserve

06.10.14 9 Comments

There are three possibilities here:

1) This video by a group calling themselves the Gossip Boys, titled “Dogs (Barking At Me),” is a real, sincere attempt at making a music video, and young director/rapper Barron Roth is in fact Asher Roth’s cousin, as he claims in the about section of the video’s YouTube page, which is hilariously called “GossipBoysVEVO” in an attempt to make people believe the group has a VEVO page.

2) This video is less Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and more of a Dollar Tree Lonely Island video, where the video’s stars do realize how funny it is to have a group of white teenagers rapping about dogs while cruising around town in a Jeep Wrangler like someone decided LFO’s style was timeless and ready to be reintroduced to the world.

3) Kimmel.

Whatever the explanation, intentionally funny or unintentionally funny, there’s no denying one thing: At the 2:17 mark, when the kid rips of his sunglasses and shouts “Mothaf*ckah I’m Barron” as the screen prominently displays the same in giant sparkly pink letters … that’s the good stuff. Bark bark bark bark.


Source: Hypervocal

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