Donald Glover’s Hit TV Show ‘Atlanta’ Was Already Renewed For A Second Season

By: 09.20.16


Even though Atlanta is only on its fourth episode and still has half a season to go, word is trickling in from FX that the network has already renewed their bubbling hit series for season two. Along with their other new series Better Things, the timely show will be re-upped for 10 additional episodes, more than likely slated for 2017.

The quick renewal comes after Donald Glover’s long-awaited directorial debut delivered amidst the hype, earning high praise from the exact demographic they aimed for.

The former Community star and part-time rapper did so by offering a series that led with personable characters and a realistic approach to something that’s often one-sided. As a result, the season premiere of Atlanta was the most watched scripted comedy premiere in three years for viewers between 18 and 48, getting three million people to commit to a show about a rising rap star and his cousin. Not too shabby, considering no one could even tell what the premise was for months leading up to that debut episode.

Numbers aside, as long as Atlanta continues to speak on relevant topics in ways that feel fresh and in touch with the audience, fans should be chomping at the bit for season two, once the current one ends come November.

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