Drake Should Definitely Respond To Joe Budden

07.06.16 1 year ago 19 Comments


Joe Budden is two disses and almost a hundred bars into assassinating Drake’s character after the 2:31am release of his newest lyrical assault, “Wake.” As expected, Drake fans don’t think the Toronto native has to respond. After all, Views has been sitting on top of the Billboard 200 for nine weeks. Drake has more money, more fame, and more success, which is about a trillion times more than anything Joey has ever experienced in his career. Still, even if it’s a few bars, Drake should throw a few shots back.

While Aubrey Graham aficionados think Joe Budden is a nobody, it’s important to remember who Joe Budden is to Aubrey. At the beginning of “Making a Murderer (Part 1),” Joey plays a YouTube conversation from he and the Canadian rapper’s  first real-world meeting. Drake told the Jersey native he was “honored to be around [him]” and that “we all used to listen to you..” He turns to someone else on the street and says, “I don’t say it in vain. You know [Joey’s] one of the best.” Drake can ignore disses from most people, but the excuse of “he’s a nobody” can’t fly when he’s on tape telling said nobody “you’re one of the best.”

Drake should also respond because of how he carried on in the battle with Meek Mill. The thing about the Meek battle is what Drake did could very well be considered “overboard.” He didn’t set out to just defend himself against ghostwriting claims, he sought to make an example out of the Philly rapper by effectively trying to kill his career. Drake dropped two songs in a four day span, took shots at his own bestie in Nicki Minaj, repeatedly taunted Meek before the OVO show, and then performed “Back To Back” with a library of Photoshop memes playing in the background.

Moreover, Drake responded in that manner because Meek accused him of having a ghostwriter. Joey took it one step further by alleging that Drake has been ripping various artists off and stealing their work.

No really, we want a Party album
But you keep stealing all of Party’s album
To go and put it on your party album
It’s plenty reason to slay you
Kept going up Tuesday’s and now The Weeknd just hates you
Are you lifeless? Sound like a zombie on the track
Remember “Started From the Bottom,” it was Zombie on the Track
Know who else started from the bottom? Zombie on the Track
How come after that joint I don’t see Zombie on a track?

Lastly, Drake started this. He’s the one who threw the first shot. That French Montana video with the “pump, pump pump it up” line from Drake was a typical sub that Mr. Graham loves to throw. There’s also this.

Drake asked for the beef. The beef is here. He knew this would happen. He should definitely respond.

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