‘Empire’ Recap: The Empire And The Dynasty Finally Square Off In ‘Fires Of Heaven’

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You know what it is, so let’s get into the third episode from this season, “Fires of Heaven.”

The Empire Banger

Although Jamal and Pitbull’s party anthem “No Doubt About It” was pretty tight (Mr. Worldwide needs a recurring role on the show), Hakeem and Timbaland’s “Dynasty” wins this round. Is this a foreshadowing of what’s to come? Will we have to categorize this as “The Dynasty Banger” from now on? Who knows. But it looks like we can finally begin to take Lyon Dynasty more seriously, especially with that girl group of theirs…

Valentina Dips On The Dynasty

Or nah? Just when Menage A Trois was finally functioning as a trio, Valentina left them and the Dynasty for none other than Empire. In every episode, Lucious has to remind not only his “family,” but us, too, that he’s always two steps ahead of everybody else. Just when Cookie seems to have something going for herself, Lucious comes through, takes that and then some (he bought Apex Radio, meaning he now owns Sway, which now creates some payola-esque scenario that’ll hopefully be explored later on). Oh well, hopefully the Dynasty can still make use of the rest of Menage A Trois.

Who’s That Musical Guest? It’s…

Pitbull as Pitbull, also known as Mr. Worldwide, also known as Mr. M.I.A.M.I., also known as Dr. Dale.

Timbaland as Timbaland.

Honorable mention: Sway as Sway.

Where Your Ass Was At When I Was Freestylin’ On Dumont?

Looks like Freda, that talented spitter whose father (Frank Gathers) was killed by Lucious (well, his goons), will be returning to Empire in a major way. Lucious believes that Freda will help revive a record label (Gutter Rat) with her street ready rhymes and rawness. But karma is already presenting a challenge for Lucious. He risks getting arrested and killed when he tries to retrieve her from a rap battle gone wrong, and she still doesn’t sign with him. Judging by some clips from the forthcoming episode, Freda ultimately comes around. But how will she affect the Empire dynamic? Will she get in the way of Jamal’s superstardom? Will she totally confirm my subplot where she exacts revenge on Lucious? I really hope so. But one thing’s for sure — we need more Freda (also, shout out to everyone on Twitter who noticed Freda’s uncanny resemblance to DeJ Loaf and Kelis).


Who’s The Producer?

So, throughout the episode, Jamal complains about some producer who Lucious paired him up with. We find out that they’re “arrogant,” and that they’ve worked with Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Usher. So, who could it be? Well, we decided to take some guesses…


David Guetta: He’s worked with all three of them (including Nicki’s most recent single, “Hey, Mama”), but he doesn’t come across as arrogant (even though he has an album called F*ck Me, I’m Famous!).

Dr. Luke: He does have that Kesha controversy, after all.

Mike Will Made-It: He’s made tracks for all three, but he also doesn’t come across as arrogant.

Polow Da Don: Maybe? He basically implied that women should be subservient to men, and the word “arrogance” does appear when you search “Polow Da Don Arrogant.” Totally unrelated, but did you know he once produced Limp Bizkit? The more you know.

What Can We Expect From Next Week’s Show?

The rise of Freda, and hopefully some more Valentina.

Other Miscellaneous Music Bits

  • Hakeem being referenced among Azealia Banks and Lil Wayne, in regards to leaking his album.
  • That KRS-One and PM Dawn reference, though.
  • That Berry Gordy and The Supremes reference, though.
  • That Beyonce shout out, though.
  • That low key offensive line about Hakeem “livin’ la vida loca” with Valentina (but who would’ve ever imagined a Ricky Martin reference would appear in Empire).

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