Fat Joe Takes A Stand For The Gay People In The Hip-Hop World, Hilariously


The not as fat as he used to be Fat Joe has weighed in (no pun intended) on the issue of homosexuals in hip-hop, you guys. And though he was being serious when he spoke, I couldn’t help but crack up, because watching/listening to Fat Joe talk about anything is just funny — he’s quite animated and he speaks the language of the streets.

“Niggas is gay. There’s millions of gay people in the world. Girls too… I’m a fan of ‘Yo, I’m gay. The f*ck?’ Like, 2011 you gotta hide that you’re gay? Like, you know what I’m saying, like, be real, like ‘Yo I’m gay, what the f*ck?’ If you gay, you gay. Like that’s your preference, you know? F*ck it if the people don’t like it.”

Joe then want on to remark how he believes hip-hop is secretly run by a “gay mafia” — gay people at magazines, radio station program directors, etc., to which we say: Joe, that’s no secret, brah.

(HT: Gawker)

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