Fetty Wap Introduces ‘The Tonight Show’ To The Drug-Cooking Anthem of The Moment

05.06.15 3 years ago 8 Comments

Fetty Wap’s highly suggestive… well, no. Scratch that. It’s not really suggestive when Fetty sings about introducing his “trap queen” to the stove so she can “remix it for low.” She’s whipping up crack, y’all. It’s a drug-cooking anthem, albeit a catchy one, but still. Anyway, I dig the track no matter how offensive it is.

Elsewhere on late-night TV:

  • OK Go brought just a slight amount of gimmicks to The Late Late Show — neon outfits, confetti — but the band rocked out pretty nicely and put on a good performance, despite the lack of treadmills and optical illusions.

  • Mumford and Sons showed up on Letterman and played the initially ethereal “Believe,” which transcends into a bit of a rock ballad. It might be my favorite Mumford and Sons song thus far.

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