GET PUMPED: DJ Kitty Is The Tampa Bay Rays’ New Mascot

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Sometimes Florida does something so awesome we briefly forget about the classy hairstyles and the epic mugshots and all the other crazy headlines which make us want to separate the state from the rest of us Bugs Bunny style. And so it is with the recent news about DJ Kitty, the swagtastic cat wearing a Tampa Bay Rays jersey and hat while spinning records. The Tampa Bay Rays have debuted a DJ Kitty mascot and Twitter account. The cat had been a scoreboard video gimmick for the Rays since 2010, and now he’s going to serve as a secondary mascot to Raymond (who isn’t going anywhere).

Looking at that picture, my interest in baseball is starting to return. Then I watched the videos below and got TOTALLY PUMPED.

[H/T: Yahoo; Image credit: @Jonathan_Gantt]

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