Hamburger Helper Just Dropped A Fire Mixtape For April Fools’ Day

04.01.16 2 years ago 4 Comments

About five minutes before I started this piece, I turned the volume down on my computer to gather my thoughts. I’m generally not shocked by music these days, but I had to take pause and process what I’d just listened to. My Twitter timeline is currently on fire because Hamburger Helper, a brand of food I haven’t eaten since my college days, dropped a mixtape. And when I say “dropped a mixtape,” I mean there’s an entire EP worth of songs from Hamburger Helper in mixtape format titled Watch the Stove. Apparently, this is the work of an April Fools’ Day joke gone right.

To be certain, I’m not holding this tape as some ode to classic rap music made from the ’90s. What I’m saying is, people were talking about this project and I went to listen with the intent of tweeting about how awful it was. Instead, the music was actually enjoyable. The opening track, “Feed the Streets” is a bass heavy trunk banger with the artist rapping like a weird hybrid of Young Thug and Future.

The rest of the tape has hilariously titled tracks like “Hamburger Helper,” “ Food for Your Soul,” and “In Love with the Glove.”

The lyrics for the tape are all food related and occasionally nonsensical, but the goal of making a mixtape entirely about food is executed to perfection. One of the artists involved with the tape, @Retro_Spectro_ on Twitter, has been tweeting about the collaboration all week.

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