James Blake’s Video For ‘A Case Of You’ Is Filled With Rebecca Hall Goodness


I’ve had quite a celebrity crush on Rebecca Hall for well over two years now. I can’t recall if it was seeing her in Frost/Nixon or Vicky Cristina Barcelona that first hooked me in, but I’ve been completely smitten with the actress probably best known for her role as the object of Ben Afflect’s affection in The Town ever since then. She’s a beautiful, willowy brunette and I have a thing for beautiful, willowy brunettes. So sue me.

Incidentally, she’s most famous off-screen for being the other woman in the Sam Mendes/Kate Winslet divorce. Yes, Sam Mendes left Kate Winslet for Rebecca Hall. So obviously, rainbows and unicorns shoot out of her vagina.

It’s for this reason and this reason only that I’m posting this James Blake video here. Yes, it’s a relatively pretty song and the video is beautifully shot, but the fact that it’s Rebecca Hall who stars in makes this an auto-post for me. Deal with it.

(HT: Pitchfork)

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