Jay Electronica Doubles Down On 50 Cent And Kendrick Lamar Disses With ‘The Curse Of Mayweather’

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
02.15.16 27 Comments

Hate’s always been a more powerful emotion than love. That’s why no matter how much we would love for Jay Electronica to release a new album – or a new anything, for that matter – it took his disdain for 50 Cent to get JE to drop a new track. Titled “#TBE The Curse of Mayweather,” the new cut is a lively response to 50’s blatant disregard for the rapping son of man. On it, he counters 50’s recent snide remarks by declaring “World War 6,” whatever that means.

It all comes after Jay Elec’s recent, perhaps inebriated Periscope rant from a few days ago where he threatened to rock 50’s snotbox. But, 50 wasn’t his only target in that initial rant. During that same video sessions, there were questions of whether he was outright dissing Kendrick Lamar or serving him with a backhanded diss by stating “Kendrick wishes he could be me.” Well, let’s just highlight this line nestled in his new track: “He’s got 11 Grammy nominations, he’s not equal.”

Even though he doesn’t call K.Dot by name, only two artists I know have that many Grammy nods and one of them is dead and buried. Still, Jay’s math is kind of funny because 11 Grammy nominations for one album outweigh having no album, right?

We’ve had this discussion before when he’s taken shots at guys who are actually active. His claims and boasts always fall on deaf ears in most cases since his major label debut is still in gestation after all these years. You simply can’t sit your ass in the bleachers and talk shit about the guys on the court if you consider yourself a player.

Update: TDE president Dave Free, who rarely tweets, wasn’t scared to name names. He called Jay Elec out, asking if he was “still mad” about “Control.” Since there’s no backing out at this point, the “Exhibit C” MC came right back: “your mans wack. dont make me crumble your whole shit [sic].” This could get eventually get interesting is it results in music being made.

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