'At Home…Shootin' Free Throws…And Three Point Shots…'

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Jimmy Fallon continues to defy the late night odds (the internet gave him) with fresh blends of parody, pop culture, musical talents, and current events. We’re almost three years in and I still can’t believe he’s made me completely forget Taxi and Fever Pitch happened.

To recap the musical parodies: First it was his killer Neil Young, then Tebowie, and now he’s tackled Jeremy Lin’s rise to fame with a pitch perfect impersonation of his buddy Eddie Vedder, giving the NBA/cultural phenomenon the “Asian Tebow” treatment with an updated rendition of “Jeremy.” Talk about blog bait.

There’s simply no denying Fallon gets the internet better than any other late night host, going away. I mean, dude dedicated an entire segment to the Alabama Face Kid for God’s sake. The more I think about it the more I’m positive I would have giggled my way through “More Cowbell” too. Totally defensible.

And now to the grungy chronicling of Jeremy Lin’s rise to stardom. Kind of made my Friday morning.

Late Night. Banner Pic via Late Night Tumblr.

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