J.K. Rowling Shut Down A Troll With Chamillionaire Lyrics And The Rapper Weighed In

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J.K. Rowling may enjoy the life of a world-renowned author, but she also hangs with her fans quite a bit on Twitter. She often indulges Potterheads’ whims, so she uses the internet for good. However, she’s also become quite the queen of smackdowns, especially when it comes to airing her thoughts on Donald Trump. She first claimed he’s more evil than Voldemort, and then she compared his spokesperson to a Death Eater.

Rowling was hanging on Twitter as always when she saw her conversation screencapped and retweeted without context. That Twitter user (Scottish Parliament member Natalie McGarry) has since apologized for this act, but grumpy author Kevin Williamson wondered why there was an apology at all.

Williamson continued to hammer at Rowling with much fury, and he doesn’t quite see why people think he’s a “troll.” (Trolls tend to not understand these things.)

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