Justin Bieber Is A Huge Phish Fan

10.09.12 5 years ago

At last, we have a direct connection from a 59-minute live version of “Lemonwheel Ambient Jam” featuring 17 guitar solos…and “U Smile”: it turns out Justin “Baby Baby Cuddle Your Insides Baby” Bieber is a huge Phish fan. The swaggy bro thing is beginning to make A LOT of sense.

Back in August Biebs attended a Phish show with his guitarist Dan Kanter, who had been urging the pop star to “check out the band’s lyric-light brand of psychedelia and rockabilly for almost as long as the two had known each other.” Well, this slow clap is for you Kanter, you did it. At a recent show Bieber and Kanter teased three Phish songs into the set: “Sand,” “First Tube,” and “Divided Sky.” (Via)

But the real question is whether Phisheads and Beliebers will come together and form an ultra-powerful army that will annoyingly follow you from middle to high school, or whether they’ll fight in a war not seen since Backstreet Boys covered the String Cheese Incident. I can see it already: Bieber fans throwing glitter in Phish fans’ red eyes, Phish fans retaliating by blowing marijuana smoke all over the enemy’s scrunchies, so that when they get home, their parents are going to be SO mad. GOD MOM AND DAD, I WASN’T SMOKING. IT WAS THE GUY SAYING SOMETHING ABOUT A WOLFMAN’S BROTHER. I await the bloody conclusion.

Or some JB fan will put down her copy of My World 2.0 for Lawn Boy, and be led on the “right” musical direction. That could work, too. Go the 4:32 and 5:35 marks to hear the Phish musical cues.

(Via Gothamist)

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