Justin Timberlake Announces Release Date For His Second Album Of 2013 Because He Likes Winning

Justin Timberlake has entered that stratosphere of untouchable guys you should keep away from your woman right along with Bill Clinton, Jay-Z, DiCaprio and Phillip Seymour Hoffman..probably. He’s on one of those rolls where everything is clicking for him. He married Jessica Biel – BEGRUDGINGLY might I add, hosts SNL whenever he wants, puts out a near-classic album and actually sells records like it’s 1998. Plus, he’ll probably sweep the Grammys this year.

Now, he’s just showing off by announcing a follow-up to the 20/20 Experience tentatively called The 20/20 Experience (2 of 2) that will be released on September 30th. And guess what? J. Timb is going to be playing the guitar. That’s great. The only request I have for the album is that it has a little bit of Pharrell to go with all that Timbaland. Those two make magic together, too.

Oh, wait. I forgot…Justin Timberlake totally bought MySpace and tried to turn that into a thing again. Hahahahaha loser.

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