Kanye Had A Fashion Show In Paris, You Guys

10.03.11 6 years ago

How Kanye West has time to pursue being a fashion designer is anyone’s guess, what with being a musician and a Prima donna’s Prima donna and all, but somehow he has (Interns?) and over the weekend he unveiled his designs for ladies at Paris Fashion Week, and let’s just say that they weren’t well received by the notoriously catty fashion critics.
“The only thing more painful than witnessing the dress was watching the model pitch down the runway in shoes so ill-fitting that her spike heels were bending at angles. ‘I feel sorry. Why not take that look out?’ asked one cringing magazine editor,” wrote the Wall Street Journal’s Christina Binkley in a review headlined, “Good Thing Kanye West Has a Day Job.” She added: “There’s something about fashion design that makes untrained people think they can do it, too. Never mind the years of study and practice it takes to create Azzedine Alaia or Alexander McQueen, whose designs reveal that a few millimeters of fabric is the difference between excellent and also-ran.”
In happier, more heart-warming Kanye West news, a New Yorker profile of Taylor Swift out today reveals that she and Kanye were on low-fiving terms at the Met’s recent Costume Gala.

Swift neared the top of the stairs and froze. She grabbed Erickson’s sleeve in a panic: “Am I supposed to talk to him or not?” Standing by the door was the rapper Kanye West… Swift hesitated for a second, and then realizing that there was no time to wait for advice, continued walking up the stairs toward West. As she neared the door, he held a hand out, and they exchanged a studiedly casual “down low” high five. When it was over Swift stopped just inside the museum, looking giddy. Erickson let out a breath, and exclaimed “That wasn’t bad!” Feeling my eyes on her, Swift didn’t comment on what had just happened. Instead, she said, “I’m so glad I didn’t bring a purse this year!”

Anyway, after the jump is a gallery of AP photos from Kanye West’s fashion show that the critics are savaging. Honestly, they don’t look so bad to me, but what the hell do I know?

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