Did Kendrick Lamar Issue A ‘Final Warning’ Shot For Jay Electronica?

03.04.16 2 years ago 49 Comments
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“I could never end a career if it never start”

Hmmm. I wonder who Kendrick could be talking to?

Most will agree that Kendrick has engaged in a long-brewing, but mostly subliminal, war of words with Drake, but K. Dot is smart enough to know that career trajectory is not one of the Canadian superstar’s weaknesses. Jay Electronica, however, has been very vocal about Cornrow Kenny recently, stating that the Compton lyricist “wishes that he could be [him]” in a drunken Periscope rant.

If there was any confusion about the line from the seventh track on untitled.unmastered, Punch made sure Kendrick’s intentions were clear via Twitter shortly after the project released on Thursday night.

Who knows what will actually come of this, but if the potential of a battle is enough to make Jay Electronica release music on a consistent basis, then I’m happy to be the kid in the schoolyard to push one classmate into another to start the fight. Make no mistake, though Jay Electronica has yet to release his major label debut, and has become somewhat of a punchline among hip-hop fans, he’s a formidable lyricist who come from an era where battling ability was a basic requirement one had to fulfill to be considered a rapper. He would be a significant challenge even for Kendrick, who’s hovering in rarefied air above 95% of rappers.

I hope Jay Electronica takes this warning as a slap in the face and responds. It will either solidify Kendrick’s standing as an all-time great, or awake a sleeping giant who is close to letting the world forget he exists.

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