Lady Gaga’s Duet With Tony Bennett Is Pretty Damn Great


Okay, that does it — I’m gonna go ahead and break down and buy Tony Bennett’s new album of duets, Duets II. I kind of fell in love with it after seeing the video for the song he did with Amy Winehouse — the hook was baited, so to speak, and now he and Lady Gaga’s video for “Lady and the Tramp” has placed said hook squarely in my consumer cheek.

A confession: my growing exhaustion with all things Gaga caused me to put off watching this video and I regret doing so. It’s great, the chemistry between she and Bennett is great, and she totally sells the whole thing. It’s also another reminder of how, when you strip away all the over-the-top flair, much talent this woman has coursing through her body. The impossibly metal Excited Soccer Kid probably thinks this is AWESOME and I think you will too. Enjoy.

(HT: Vulture)

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