Lil Wayne Is Opening A Sports Agency Now That He Has Some Time On His Hands

By: 09.15.16

If you hadn’t heard in the news lately, Lil Wayne has had some job insecurity as of late. Is he retired? Is he not retired? That’s not entirely clear — though it seems like more of the latter. Well, just in case he does hang up his jersey in the rafters, he’s officially got a backup plan now: Weezy wants to become a sports agent.

Young Money Sports is the latest venture from Lil Wayne, following in the wild success of Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports and the less heralded Cash Money Sports and No Limit Sports. Most people reading this would ask: “Hey, how is Lil Wayne anymore qualified than me to start a sports agency?” And you’d be right to say so! But Wayne is also a millionaire, which entitles him to pay people who know what they’re doing, so he can just show up and watch the Packers play under the guise of “scouting.”

“We all wish we were athletes, they all wish they were rappers,” Wayne says to open the profile on his agency with Bleacher Report, clearly hoping to strike a commonality with some of the men and women he hopes to recruit. And, to his credit, he’s already got a few athletes including former FSU LB Reggie Northrup.

When asked about signing with Young Money Sports, Northrup said “I look up to Wayne, I listened to a lot of his music growing up.” His appeal is clearly what is going to get some athletes in the door, but keeping them coming and having them stay are two different things entirely. Luckily for him, he may have some time on his hands.

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