Method Man Gives The Middle Finger To Social Media’s ‘Lack of Human Decency’ After Wife’s Picture Is Leaked

07.27.16 1 year ago 9 Comments

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Method Man is a well-known dude and one of the most visible rappers in the world. You can find him in movies, on television shows, even on commercials if you look hard enough. With that said, he’s always done his best to keep his private life, well, private. Besides that episode of Diary he did for MTV in 1999, Meth normally shies away from putting his family on camera or even divulging too much personal information about himself. With that in mind, it’s no wonder he’s ready to quit all social media channels now that someone has posted a picture of his wife.

Farrah Gray took to Twitter and announced to the world that he had what is possibly the only public picture of Tameka Smith. Naturally, someone as private as Tical didn’t take too kindly to this, practically begging the man to remove the picture. After a while, he got tired of asking and said f*ck it.

method man quits twitter

Based on how he dealt with Wendy Williams telling the whole world that his wife was battling cancer in 2006, his reaction to this comes as no surprise. When family is involved, he’s no longer Method Man. He’s Clifford Smith. This isn’t a guy who shares his life with the world on Twitter or Instagram and has a very traditional approach to the ways in which fans and artists interact. Truthfully, that’s an approach that rarely works or is even respected these days.

He says this is “until further notice” so don’t be surprised if he comes back. Until then though, props to Meth for doing what he feels is the right thing for his family. His wife didn’t sign up to have her business in the street the day she married him and his wishes should be respected.

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