The New Mountain Goats Video Is A Bit Of A Gem


I wasn’t quite sure what was going on in this video when I watched it, but it made me happy. Here’s how Consequence of Sound describes it.

The poppy “Cry for Judas” traverses through a series of Andersonian visuals that draw smiles (mice mazes!), gasps (singing nose bleeds!), and awkward tears (love and family!). There’s a great juxtaposition of classic and modern American imagery that clashes without any bells and whistles, punches or kicks. Fans should also have fun picking out the various band members interspersed throughout.

Yeah, what they said!

In other Mountain Goats news, John Darnielle made a pretty sweet “spiritual goth” mixtape for the AV Club. You should definitely check it out if you’re a fan.

(Via COS)

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