Nerdy White Pancake Rapper Has The Most Viral Video On YouTube, Is Cousins With Bennett

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12.01.11 4 Comments

Late yesterday nerdy white rapper, Mac Lethal, began to take the internet by storm with his pancake-oriented cover of Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now” that has to be the best white guy rapping about breakfast foods video I’ve seen since Chet Haze spit hot fire over huevos rancheros. The vid (after the jump) is already closing in on a million views, thanks to reaching the top of Reddit, along with Mac Lethal’s already loyal Facebook and Twitter following. If you’re a fan of parody, white rapping, or flapjacks I recommend you give it a watch ASAP, but there’s even more reason for web culture enthusiasts to pay attention to Mac Lethal…
As Gawker uncovered via the comments of Redditor Metalstar00, Mac Lethal is also the guy posting texts from his delusional wannabe gangsta 17 year-old cousin Bennett in the recently launched Tumblr, Texts from Bennett, that also hit the top of Reddit yesterday. Mac Lethal has the Reddit touch yo! Turns out he’s been posting Bennett’s texts on the Mac Lethal Facebook page for a while and the new Tumblr just happened to go viral on the same day as his pancake video, confirming my theory that Reddit loves white guys hilariously embracing hip hop culture even more than they like jailbait and award winning mullets.
In an effort to make all of this as comprehensive as possible I’ve included a few of the best Texts from Bennett on the other side of the video. Both have some NSFW language, usually in reference to eating assorted things.

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