NickelCage Is Potentially The Best Worst Band Ever

Entertainment Editor


The NickelCage picture above is making the rounds on Tumblr, being posted first at EverythingRandom. The photoshop is based on the same concept in a sloppier photoshop from 5 months ago. That earlier NickelCage picture is below along with another relevant photograph because it makes me laugh.

We’re torn. On one hand Nickelback is terrible. On the other hand, Nic Cage is a fascinating individual in many forms, so would this NickelCage form be fascinating as well? We will ponder this question while dressed as a pugnacious bear. And what music would this unholy union play? Buzzfeed posted this triumphant mashup of what they believe NickelCage might sound like. Well, whatever they sound like, we can all agree that Josh Gross should review them.

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