You Are Old: The Lead Singer Of A 1980s Punk Band Had A Heart Attack On Stage

02.17.14 4 years ago 4 Comments

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I’m old, you’re old, we’re all old, because the guy who sang “I Believe in Anarchy,” “Sid Vicious Was Innocent,” and “Don’t Forget the Chaos” had a heart attack during a recent show. Wattie Buchan is the wonderfully-named frontman for Scottish punk band the Exploited, who released a number of aggressively ragged albums in the 1980s and are still around today, with Wattie serving as the original sole member left.

Though he’s beginning to show his age.

The Exploited singer Wattie Buchan dropped to the floor unconscious during a gig in Portugal and was rushed to hospital for treatment.

Buchan, 57, was taking part in the Tour of Chaos with Hatebreed and Napalm Death at the Republica Da Musica venue in Lisbon when he became unwell. It is thought the singer will be kept in hospital and the East Kilbride band have cancelled all gigs until at least May. A video from on Thursday night shows Buchan having to stop midway through a song before slumping to his knees. (Via)

Not unlike “Maggie” Thatcher, heart attacks are a c*nt.

Dangerous Minds via the Daily Record

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