‘Pizza Party’ Is Just A ‘Grove St. Party’ Parody, Not A Herman Cain Ad — As Far As We Know.


After someone alerted me to Herman Cain’s other wacky web ad (seriously, go watch it) earlier, I was mildly suspicious that “Pizza Party” — a wonderful parody of Waka Flocka Flame’s “Grove St. Party” — was just another instance of the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO trolling us all. But alas this piping hot slice (pun intended) of internet goodness is not a Herman Cain campaign ad — as far as I know.

No, this is just a simple but brilliant ode to pizza and pizza parties. Speaking of — is there anything better than a good slice of Pizza Margherita? Sex, you say? That depends on who you’re sexing, I think. I’ve definitely had lays that I’d trade for a Margherita pie from Artichoke Pizza on 14th street in Manhattan for.

BTW, Pizza Cat approves this message.

(HT: Videogum)

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