Watch Rapper Watsky Take A 30-Foot Stage Dive That Broke A Girl’s Arm

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11.18.13 4 Comments


Not that you needed any more, but here’s another reason to fear slam poets who call themselves rappers: they might fall on you. And break your arm. That’s exactly what happened in London during the Vans Warped Tour this weekend, when rapper/poet George Watsky jumped 30 feet from a lighting rig into the audience. Excuse me, onto the audience.

The crowd reportedly parted in an attempt to avoid impact but Watsky ended up breaking one girl’s arm with another man hospitalised. Watsky escaped with minor injuries telling fans he was “fine” in a message on Facebook apart from ‘some nicks, bruises, and the shame of endangering the crowd.”

Watsky insisted he wasn’t drunk or on drugs during the incident.

He added: “I feel f*cking terrible. I made a boneheaded decision that got people hurt, and it’s extremely lucky it wasn’t worse.” (Via)

Blink-182 has already started recording a tribute song: “I couldn’t wait for the summer and the Warped Tour/I remember it’s the first time that I broke her arm there.”

(Via HyperVocal, banner via Facebook)

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