You Can Sleep Overnight In A Record Store Now Thanks To Airbnb

If you’ve ever worked in retail, you know the horror of the late night straggler. It’s 9:58, two minutes to closing and that freedom that you have yearned for like nothing ever in your life (until your next shift), and yet some clueless ass is still sorting through items and not putting them back where they belong. “JUST GO. LEAVE,” you think in the back of your mind, while maintaining a smile. And then at 10:05, they dump all the stuff they had and leave without purchasing anything. Well, hopefully, now both sides can saddle up after quitting time without any awkward interactions at least at one retail location on Earth.

The Brooklyn record store Rough Trade is offering a unique opportunity with Airbnb that will allow customers to spend the night in their enormous record store along with a cozy bed, fully stocked kitchen, “vintage-inspired lounge stocked with your favorite vinyl” and a living spaced decked out with Sonos equipment (which sounds nicer than most of the Airbnb’s I’ve stayed in). The store is offering a stay from October 1 to November 30 for two guests who get not only the unique experience of staying overnight in a record store, but also round trip airfare from anywhere in the U.S. to New York City, $500 for shopping, and Sonos equipment.

They also say that while friends are invited to come through, they have to leave by 2 a.m. (Pretty sure Rough Trade can’t afford to throw store-destroying ragers, however cool they may be.) The contest will allow for two separate winners with a deadline of applying by September 26. So, go enter now to live out the dream that most people working at the record store fear: some guy is living in the store, but this time they actually know about it and are cool with it.

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