‘A Great Album, Or A Horrible Mistake’: Run The Jewels Discuss ‘Run The Jewels 3’ And Cat Remix Insanity

08.24.15 2 years ago 10 Comments

Rachel Toole/Uproxx

By Rachel Toole

Run the Jewels are in the midst of quite a run. They’ve put out two critically acclaimed and fan-beloved albums in the last two years, including 2014’s year-end list-topper Run the Jewels 2, and have spent the 10 months since that record’s release touring practically non-stop around the world, from small clubs to gigantic festivals. We caught up with them at the latter, as El-P and Killer Mike took some time at this past weekend’s FYF Fest in Los Angeles to update us on their next album, Run the Jewels 3; what we can expect from their upcoming Meow the Jewels remix collection; and more.

Last time I talked to you guys, [El-P] played Mike the first snippet he’d ever heard of Run the Jewels 3. Where are you guys on the album now?

El-P: Well, we’ve been on tour the whole time, so we’ve got beats, and we’ve got a couple little ideas for jams. But, for the most part, we’re just finishing the year touring and going in full-time next year. Once we’re done with this tour this year, we’re gone. We’re disappearing. We will emerge with either a great album, or a horrible mistake.

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