Ryan Gosling Was Nearly A Member Of The Backstreet Boys

01.15.13 5 years ago

There’s a scene near the end of Argo, where an Iranian military officer calls a Hollywood movie studio thousands of miles away to verify the identities of Ben Affleck and the rest of the American hostages he’s secretly attempting to smuggle out of the country. If the phone isn’t picked up, everyone dies. The tension’s almost too much to take…and yet it’s mere child’s play compared to the time Ryan Gosling missed AJ McLean’s call to join the Backstreet Boys.

Gosling, who has gone on to achieve success in Hollywood with films such as The Notebook and Drive lived next door to AJ McLean of the group when they were both teenagers. Speaking to TMZ, McLean revealed that he asked Gosling to be in the band but had his offer spurned. However, Gosling subsequently returned to his neighbor and asked to be a part of the group, only for McLean to forget to return his call. (Via)

When Ryan Gosling says, “Hey, girl,” pants get wet; when Howie Dorough says the same thing, people ask, “The hell are you?” Context is important, and pleas of eternal devotion are best when they’re teamed with movies where heads are smashed, not in songs called “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely.” His dancing was too fly for them, anyway.

“Never show me the meaning of being lonely, girl. You’re the one.”

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