Skifcha The Dubstep Hipster Cat Is Your Friday Nightmare Fuel

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The first video after the jump has garnered nearly a million views already, and why wouldn’t it? There’s dramatic music, a chubby Siamese cat, and a delightful twist ending, all wrapped up in fewer than ten seconds of our time. Russian filmmaker Denis Borisovich made all three videos here of his very patient cat, Skifcha. The second video below, Stereo Skifcha, is the one that really got our attention. In it, Skifcha responds to dubstep in the only appropriate way: by donning a paper mustache and spazzing out. We know how you feel, Skifcha.

WARNING: this video gets much louder partway through. Protect ya eardrums.


Skifcha has a posse. 2’3″ ELEVEN POUNDS.

[H/T: LaughingSquid; images courtesy of Denis Borisovich]

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