The Saturday Morning Slow Jam Version Of The ‘Gummi Bears’ Theme Is Magical

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Every Saturday, Scott Bradlee and friends reinterpret a cartoon theme song as a ’90s R&B slow jam. They’ve already made smooth covers of the DuckTales, Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme songs.

Now they’ve enlisted Andromeda Turre to sing about Disney’s Gummi Bears, not to be confused with the crotch-grabbing Gummy Bear that the allegedly crotch-grabbing John Travolta is signed to play in an upcoming movie.

This key-change-filled jam about Gummi Bears really takes me back. Magic and mystery are part of their history, unlike Swedish Fish, whose only mystery is, “How are these still selling?”

Sidenote: You know how people say you can’t actually die in a dream? Whenever I fall from a great height in a dream, I don’t wake up. Instead, I bounce and the Gummi Bears theme song starts playing. Thanks a lot, subconscious.

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