A Few Rappers Have Responded To Billboard’s ’10 Greatest Rappers Of All-Time’ List

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11.18.15 37 Comments

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Just like everyone else, a couple of rappers are yelling flag on the play to Billboard‘s trollicious ’10 Greatest Rappers of All-Time’ list that saw one startling omission everyone can agree on — Tupac. The list’s writers, Steven J. Horowitz and Alex Gale, said they ranked their top 10 MCs based solely on mic skills and rappers who “express their desire to outdo competition.” And surprisingly, Tupac just didn’t have all that. “Horse sh*t!” though says Jay Electronica, T.I., Scarface and Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg blasted the list’s writers on Instagram and said they needed a “swift kick in the ass” for not including Tupac. T.I.’s a bit puzzled, too, also taking to Instagram to ask just what the hell defines “greatest” if not Pac. Scarface went on Twitter and laughed his ass off for the list not including KRS-1, Common, Ice Cube, LL Cool J and a few others. Ghostface, who ranked as the No. 8 greatest rapper of all-time, kept it cool and expressed his appreciation for even being on the list.

And then there was Jay Electronica. The rapper now only known for his pump fakes said on Twitter that he couldn’t understand why people were seething over a list “written by these dudes,” and posted up the most hipster and douche-y pictures of the list’s writers.

Horowitz and Gale defended themselves with Gale revealing he’s been writing about hip-hop for 15 years and has been a fan for more than 30. Horowitz went in another direction and shaded Jay, tweeting, “You’d be on my personal list of favorite lyricists, but it’s hard to determine without an album,” before tweeting that he’d been “writing about hip-hop as a diehard fan for almost 10 years.”

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