Dubstep Goes Back To Its Roots With This Old School Remix Of Skrillex's 'Bangarang'

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06.28.13 2 Comments


Have you ever wanted to hear Stephen Hawking and a bunch of robots rocking a cover of “Bangarang”? Well here’s the next best thing! BD594 makes numerous music covers using old school computer equipment. It’s a bit similar to all those stepper motor covers of Star Wars‘ “Imperial March” we collected awhile back. BD594’s most recent remix is Skrillex’s most popular dubstep track.

He explains his process.

Bangarang was a challenging song with respect to timing and now I have a new respect for Dubstep. […] Vocals were performed with the DECTalk Express. The same speech synthesizer used by Stephen Hawking back in the eighties. The main vocals are the Betty and Rita presets overlapped. Kit and Dan vocal presets were also used.

Yes. *puffs pipe* Indeed. *pauses requisite amount of time to seem like I know what that meant*

This was one of the more popular comments:


It’s already been done, dude.

Twitter The Comic mashup of Skrillex and BTTF back to the future

Twitter The Comic mashup of Skrillex and BTTF back to the future

(H/T: Geeks Are Sexy. Pictures via s_bukley / Shutterstock.com, Twitter: The Comic, and @thatsnotkosher)

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