Sufjan Stevens Blogged About Over-Sexed Teens After Listening To Justin Bieber’s New Song

11.20.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

Here is Sufjan Stevens, the guy who gave us Illinoise and Michigan and Seven Swans, three great albums, blogging about Justin Bieber’s new song with R. Kelly, “PYD,” on Tumblr. He mentions nymphomaniacs, teenagers having sex, and says the word “bro.” The Internet is weird, and Sufjan is even weirder.

Shout out to over-sexed teenagers. Shout out to sex abbreviations that sound like the word “puberty.” Shout out to animal euthanasia as sexual innuendo. Shout out to the new genre: nymphomaniac pop. Shout out to my Biebs. Go get some, bro. I’ll be reading the psalms, eating Scotch oatmeal cookies, etc.

The world is abundant. (Via)

“Shout out to over-sexed teenagers,” he said, speaking for every 38-year-old male on Tumblr.

(via Getty Image, via Tumblr)

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