The 30 Most Prince GIFs That Ever Prince’d

Prince turned 54 years old today. But he could be 34 or 67 or 128 or 298. Time means nothing to Prince, Prince means nothing to time. He is of the past, present, future, and sexy future. He is…Prince.

Long-time readers know we’re big fans of the former-Prince Rogers Nelson/Alexander Nevermind/Joey Coco — whether he’s covering Pearl Jam, looking like THIS on The View, or not appearing on The Simpsons — so in honor of his birthday (selfbirthday? spawnday?), we’ve collected 30 of the best Prince GIFs that every Prince’d (via F*ck Yeah Prince), with descriptions that show what side of Prince we’re seeing. My favorite’s “Creeper Prince.”

#1. MTV Prince

#2. Passionate Prince

#3. Mini-Prince

#4. Humble Prince

#5. Hat Prince

#6. Fearless Prince

#7. Macy Gray Prince

#8. Bashful Prince

#9. Ambiguous Prince

#10. Cane Prince

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