Adele’s Gym Face Perfectly Captures The Strain Of New Years Resolutions

01.06.16 1 year ago 3 Comments

getting ready…

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Did you think you could escape The Mighty Adele just because you’ve switched Garfield calendars to one that says 2016 on it? HA! WHAT HUBRIS! You will never be able to not be delighted by this Grammy magnet.

Our latest evidence of this is a glorious Instagram pic featuring Adele (Miss Can’t Remember Her Last Name, if you’re nasty) and the most enchanting gym face in recorded history. Is Adele in agony? Is she simply pulling a face for comedy™ reasons? Is she pulling the cord on a sneeze machine? It’s entirely left up to you! The main takeaway is that it is a first rate gym face and it’s managed to score a whopping 360,000+ likes in four hours time.

The caption “getting ready…” seems to suggest that Adele is putting in some extra effort to be primed and ready for her upcoming tour. (Y’know, the one that no one could get tickets to.) Her pain will be your gain, etc.

There’s also a chance we’re reading this wrong and Adele is going to retire from being a professional recording artist and become a major player in the competitive fitness world. We wish her the best either way.

(via Cosmopolitan)

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