The Germans Are Taking Justin Bieber’s Pet Monkey Away From Him

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05.22.13 3 Comments

When we last checked in on Justin Bieber’s pet monkey, Mally, it was feared by the Germans to be capable of causing a global pandemic. Now those dastardly Germans are refusing to give the twatty teen heartthrob his pet monkey back.

Reports Fox News:

Mally the Monkey was seized by German customs March 28 when Bieber failed to produce required vaccination and import papers for the animal after landing in Munich. He had until midnight Friday to produce those documents.
Customs spokesman Thomas Meister said after offices opened following a holiday weekend that officials received no documents. He said the customs authority will formally transfer ownership of the animal to the German state on Tuesday.

Bieber will then have six weeks to contest the decision. It wasn’t immediately clear when authorities will make a decision on the monkey’s permanent home.

Now Bieber and Anne Frank really have some stuff in common: both victims of German aggression. She totally would have been a Belieber!

(Pic via Bieber’s Instagram)

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