The Lost Phones Of Coachella


Did you attend Coachella this year? Did you lose something — phone, camera, keys, etc. — while you were there? Perhaps you were so wowed by Kanye’s closing performance that you just lost all inhibitions and didn’t care about anything else? Well there’s a good chance there’s a photograph of whatever you lost on the festival’s website.
I discovered the online lost and found last night when I visited the site looking for someone’s contact information and was somewhat taken by it — it’s like a sad online graveyard of personal items. I found the page for lost phones especially compelling, since it gives a glimpse, I think, into the types of people who attended. The photos are indexed — the festival groups them by brand and by first number in the phone’s corresponding area code. (The phones pictured above, for instance, all come from an area code beginning with the number “3”.) Phones with a red “X” through them have already been claimed.
Somewhat surprisingly, there seem to be many more Blackberrys lost than iPhones, leading me to wonder if Coachella people tend to be Blackberry people, or if iPhone people are just much more diligent about not losing their phones? There’s also a page for lost cameras and lost keys. Photos of the the other phones lost at Coachella 2011 after the jump.

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