The Mitt Romney Rap Is Here To Usher In A Low Point For White People

10.08.12 11 Comments

“Obama’s got change, but Romney’s got hundreds.” — The Mitt Romney Rap.

I called Charles Barkley and asked him to weigh in on this, the “Mitt Romney Rap.” Here’s what he said: “It’s TUUUUUURRRRRRIBLE.” I could not agree more.

Now, I’m sure the people backing Mitt Romney really believe this will score Mitt some cool points with the youth of America, but this is so tremendously awful that it has to backfire on them. It just has to. This should effectively persuade every undecided voter not to vote for Romney, if only so that they’re not lumped in with the idiots in this video.

Then again, this might have been actually made by liberals, in which case it’s brilliantly subversive. Enjoy!

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