Jimmy Fallon May Have Played Nice With Donald Trump, But The Roots Had Their Own Take

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You may have heard that Donald Trump was on The Tonight Show on Thursday. This was a source of much consternation, because Trump is more or less a human monster who is trying to become President of the United States, and Jimmy Fallon was his usual fawning self. However, which Fallon’s obsequious banality is usually harmless, a lot of people got mad at him for bringing his usual style to an interview with somebody who is not a harmless actor, but a potentially very harmful political candidate. Not everybody was following Fallon’s lead, though. The Roots, who actually have opinions and are willing to express thoughts that are not completely positive, seem to have sneaked a dig on Trump into their music choice.

The Roots, who make specific song choices for different guests, sometimes even changing up lyrics, decided to go with Erykah Badu’s “20 Feet Tall” as their song to play Trump on and play the show off to commercial. The song includes the lyrics:

“Then you, you built a wall
A 20 foot wall, so I couldn’t see
But if I get off my knees
I might recall I’m 20 feet tall.”

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That certainly sounds like it is directed at Trump, with a message that people can stand up to him to boot. It’s subtle, but it’s better than nothing. Now Fallon’s interview style can go back to being innocuous, and The Roots won’t have the shoulder the load of political dissent. Hey, at least some of the games on the show are pretty fun.

(Via GQ)

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