The Worst Of Humanity’s Christmas Tweets Memorialized In Song

12.28.11 3 Comments

The holidays are, for the most part, a time of year for finding the best in people, for giving and receiving love, for spending time with close friends and family. In other words, it’s a time when hearts are generally warm and people are at their best and are open to seeing the best in others.

However, some people are the worst and just can’t help themselves, and now they have outlets to spread their horribleness literally like a virus across the web. So Twitter user Jon Hendren spent part of his Christmas holiday searching for the worst of the worst — people bitching about their horrible parents not getting them iPhones and whatnot — to retweet. YouTuber Jonathan Mann then used some of those tweets to compose a song, “WTF?! I Wanted An iPhone!!!” and it’s pretty glorious.

Surely, we can all feel their pain, right?

(HT: Daily What)

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